Dienstag, 20. März 2012

the art of distinct thinking - rolf dobelli (2011)

rolf dobelli has published columns in several journals. a collection from his writing about all kind of thinking-errors that the human race tends to make, has now been published in this book:

the swimmer's body illusion for example describes the wrong belief that if you start swimming you'll get a swimmer's body. it is the other way round: if you have a swimmer's body, your sport of choice is probably swimming, because you have natural advantages for it. same about cosmetic-product-models on tv, they are not pretty because they wear make-up, they make ads for cosmetics because they are beautiful people.

that's just one of the 52 misunderstandings and twisted thought-schemes, that are explained in an easy understandable and funny way, always with some nice anecdotes and examples. even if i already knew a lot of those errors, and also think i mostly avoid them by simply making use of my brain (haha) it is definitively interesting to see those failures happen not only in private life but also in politics and economy etc. and to have it labeled with a fitting name.

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