Montag, 19. März 2012

theater: the physicians - friedrich dürrenmatt (1961) by helmut förnbacher theater company

some weeks ago i was in the theater watching the physicians by dürrenmatt. it's a strange story:

in a residence for mentally ill people, a physician, who thinks himself to be newton, murders a nurse. already some weeks before that a nurse has been killed a physician, who believes he is einstein. the police is shutting down the house, in order to prevent any more deaths. all patients are moved to another place, just the two physicians and another colleague of theirs, an aspiring physician, who claims to see king salomo's ghost in his room, are staying under the protection from the house keeper, ms. von zahnd, while police-inspector voss is trying to solve the mystery of the murders.

a weird, tragic-comedy with a hollywood-like finale from swiss master dürrenmatt (btw a former friend of helmut förnbacher, the head of the theather company).

* * *

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